Wednesday, 27 September 2017

LADIES: Effects Of Wearing Push-Ups Bra

wearing a bra , including push up bra could cause back pain and even chest pain. In fact, some say that depriving your breasts of gravity has no effect at all.
We're talking about envious boobs that make any outfit come alive.

Let's face it: Having small breasts is often considered to be a cause of concern for many women, after all no man wants a flat-chested woman in his bed. And in a bid to please men, and of course to kill that notion in your head that small boobs are unacceptable, women end up buying *drum roll* please: push-up bras .
Yes that marvellous creation that can take small boobs to unimaginable heights. 
However, they are also horrible for health. No kidding! Here are three side-effects of wearing push-up bras regularly.

Them Gravity-Defying Pads:
The lymph nodes present all over your body do an important job of protecting your body from foreign particles. So when you tie yourself down with that push-up bra, the lymph nodes around your chest area get constricted and can't do the job properly. This can result in lumps in your breasts, along with formation of cysts and fibrous tissue.

Push-up Bras Can Also Deform Your Breasts:
Your breasts have are made up of suspension muscles, which make sure your precious fun bags don't sag. These muscles are aligned with ligaments that ensure that the flesh on your boobs is suspended from your chest wall. Well, you don't need to get into the nitty-gritties of how your boobies function; but what you need to know is this: Push-ups sort of do the job for these important muscles and ligaments, rendering them useless. And much like what happens to your brain when you stop using it, these muscles can erode and become weak. Result: Sagging boobs. You don't want that now, do you?

Your Bra is Actually Choking Your Organs:
Boobs don't lie sister! The female body changes almost every other week. From bloating during PMS to increase in breast size after a steamy between-the-sheets session to pregnancy--all wonderful reasons why your lady lumps keep fluctuating every now and then. So when you wear a push-up bra, which is as tightly structured as a breed of bra can be, you end up giving your breasts absolutely no room to grow or breathe. Let's face it: You're not going to buy a new bra every time his fondling leads you to bigger places. The result--choking organs, trying to live again.
The solution: No push-up bras. Because honestly, if he loves you just for your boobs, then honey, it's not love at all.

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