Friday, 15 September 2017

ASB Interview: “God has made me outstanding” – Fast Raising Comedian ELEJO

In an interview with, fast raising Jtown comedian Olasunkanmi Yemi Abiola aka Elejo talked about himself, his career and goals in the comedy industry.

ASB: Tell us about yourself

My name is Olasunkanmi Yemi Abiola, popularly known as Elejo. I’m a young talented comedian.  I hail from Oyo State, born and raised in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. Am the second from a family of four. I attended primary school education at first Baptist private school Jos and secondary education at Baptist Science Grammer School Jos respectively. Then  moved to university Jos where I had my diploma program at the department of theatre and film arts which am done but will still go back to obtain a degree program God willing.  

 ASB: How was your growing up like?

I grew up here in Jos Plateau State with my parent. Well, ghetto life was fun. I was focus and hardworking to achieve my dreams.

ASB: What inspired you into comedy? 

Well I will say comedy has always been part of me right from secondary school. I love making people to laugh and be happy around me. I love the act that just it.

ASB: What kind of comedy do you do?

I’m a stand-up comedian.  
ASB: Do you do comedy kit? Or you just do stand-up comedian
Yes I do comedy skit but more of a stand-up comedian

ASB: Who is your mentor and why?

I can't really say this is my mentor but I do appreciate good stuff talking about creativity like the likes of Basketmouth, Bovi, Ay and when it comes to energy the like of Osama, Akpororo just to name of few. I also love people who think out of d room not even box.

 ASB:  Can you tell us about your first breakthrough as a comedian? 

It all started when I usually perform at Living Faith Church during Sunday service but not as a professional comedian. After then it has been God all the way to where I am today.

ASB: What has been your biggest challenge in the comedy industry?

Wow ok.. I will say It wasn't funny when it all started when you come on stage and crack jokes and only few laugh and sometimes you feel like that not your calling but as time goes on they see the hard work you put into the comedy. That is when they realize that this guy is serious about his career.
So much work so done, I always bring in new jokes with a lot of creativity and I also come with my own pattern of comedy like dancing and singing as i perform on stage and my audience loves it. 

ASB: Any awards/nominations?

Yes, I was nominated during my diploma which I came second. Lol

ASB: How can you rate yourself among other comedians?

Lol.. Well I will say am different no finger is equal that just it. God as made me out standing lol

ASB: Among all the shows you have gone for which was your best show? 

Well can't say this is my best or not because the best is even yet to come. God have been good in all my performance making it awesome.

ASB: Have you faced any embarrassment on stage? 

Lol yea. That was when a fellow called me on stage (I won’t call the name) and he said “u didn’t rehearsal before coming to perform” . At the end it was so embarrassing.

ASB: I have watched most of your comedy kits, how do you think of such funny creativity?

No man receive any good thing expect it come from above, all ideas comes from God and also I use the scenario around me.

ASB: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Wow greater height it is. Going all the way both locally and international by God’s grace.

ASB: How do you balance your comedy career and private lives?   

My private life is always private because when  am on stage am a different person to when am off the stage.

ASB: What is your dream project?

To put up the biggest show ever both home and aboard.

ASB: Aside from comedy what else do u do?

I draw and paint portrait. Am also an actor.

ASB: what do you do for fun?

I love to hang out with friends and watching movies.

ASB: What is your best food?
My best food is beans and plantain.

ASB: Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Simi love, everything about her is beautiful “Original babe”. She is a theft and she has stolen my heart away. She is not just a musician but she is music, the real definition of music.

ASB: Are you in a relationship?

Lol, sure with God. Actual I just want to concentrate on my career.

ASB: Describe your dream woman? 

My dream woman should be God fearing and beautiful, other things follow later.
ASB: Supposing you end up as a big celebrity in future, will you get married or instead will you have a baby mama?

Lol  na marriage o I don’t want all those baby mama wahala.

ASB: Which of the comedians do you wish to work with on stage?

I would love to work with Ali baba, Basketmouth, Bovi, Ay, Akpororo, Kennyblaq, Funnybone, senator. Just to mention of few.

ASB: Have you ever performed at a show  whereby a female fan just walk up to you to ask if she can keep you company at your house?

Lol, none I can remember.

ASB: Any words for your fans?

Believe in yourself and put God first in all you do. You can connect with me on social media
Instagram: @elejo1, twitter: @elejocomedian, facebook: olasunkanmi elejo abiola and whatapp: 07068919209.

ASB: Thank you for your time sir, we hope to see you at the top.

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  1. Hmm talk true say girls never follow u go hus after show

  2. Elenu greater heights in Jesus name.........