Thursday, 10 August 2017

Uni Jos: Top 3 Challenges Student are facing in their 1st semester Examination

The students of University of Jos are currently facing serious challenges in their first semester examinations. Here are the top 3 challenges these student are facing right now….

1 insufficient examination hall: Ever since fire has destroy some part the classroom at the permanent site, most students has finds the very difficult to learn due to unconducive environment which is now affecting the examination. Classrooms are not enough to conduct a standard examination.

2. Overcrowding of Exam time-table: this is the most annoying part of the examination. Student are left with no choice to write more than one paper a day “ abeg are brains made of computer chips”. Most of the students comes back from exam hall very late at night, I believe the school will face a mass failure when result is being released. Pls I advice all student should go for medical checkup after exams before you run mad.

3. Robbery attack: Most of the student face robbery attack on their way home at night after reading their books in school, they are being robbed of their phones and money. Beware….
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