Tuesday, 16 May 2017


The holy month of RAMADAN when the Muslim believers will be observing the full month mandatory fasting will be clashing with the 2017 NYSC Batch a stream 1 orientation camping. Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is an act of worship which constitute the pillars of Islam making it a compulsory act for all Muslim believers. NYSC on the other hand is also a constitutional mandatory process which all graduates who satisfies the age requirement of the scheme must undergo as an act of service to their father land.

Considering the tedious task, paramilitary trainings, movement restriction and other usual activities of the serving corps, the Muslim coppers will be subjected to an unfair advantage of disadvantage over others. Corps members complain weakness and even faints on ordinary camping days due to the alien on the daily routine task to their body system, talk more of when the body will be abstaining from food and water daily for a whole month.

It is imperative that the Federal Government of Nigeria sees reasons to postpone the orientation camping till after Ramadan to avoid mass causalities which will erupt from the lingering calamity the combination of paramilitary training and Ramadan fasting will cause. The two program which are mandatory on different fronts operates on principles which is difficult to marry as such one should be shifted for other.  

The leadership of NAPS demands the orientation camping is postpone till after Ramadan in the best interest of the country. We cannot afford risking the combination of NYSC stress with Ramadan fasting.  Risking the life of thousands corps members who will be fasting and will be serving at the same time will be too expensive for the future of the country.

Comr Olugbode Damola Hammed
NAPS National PRO

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